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You Change

by Lindsey Webster

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Jacquie thumbnail
Jacquie Lindsey, I love your music. The first time I heard a track played on a local radio station 2 weeks ago have truly blessed me and I have been listening everyday. I also purchased via Apple Music. Definitely looking forward to what's to come.
Jacquie Favorite track: Fool Me Once.
DarkSunRise thumbnail
DarkSunRise It is always an extreme joy when you can listen to an entire cd and every song is just as powerful as the last. Ms. Webster has achieved that. Her voice reminds me of Ms.Joanna Teters of Mad Satta. Both artist have great bands supporting them.
Ms. Webster is truly a rising star on the R&B scene. Looking forward to seeing her in NYC. Favorite track: Universe.
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02:30 video


All songs written by Lindsey Webster & Keith Slattery (BMI).

All songs recorded at Clubhouse Studio in Rhinebeck, NY by Mark Everton Gray.

Additional recording done at The Isokon in Woodstock, NY (“In Love” & Universe”), at Flymax Recording (“Break Through”) in Woodstock, NY, at Quad Studios in Nashville, TN (Ryan Joseph on “Lost One”) and at our home in Woodstock, NY.

Additional engineering by Keith Slattery, D. James Goodwin, Pete Caigan and Lindsey Webster.

All songs produced by Keith Slattery and co-produced by Lindsey Webster & Mark Gray.

Executive Proucers: Keith Slattery, Lindsey Webster, Michael & Jill Cruz, Alan Musico & Linda Olbrych, Gary Slattery, Scott & Cindy Wobse.

Associate Producers: Lynn & Rich Bello, Linda Carey, Ariel Corenthal, Rhona Goldsand, Cameron Melville, Gayle Metzger, Will Regan, Warren Rosenstein, Paul Walter.

Mixed by D. James Goodwin at The Isokon ||

Mastered by Chris Athens ||

Art & Layout: Lindsey Webster & Veronica Fannin

Cover Photography by Franco Vogt ||

Inside photo by Jim Rice ||

Photograph of Barbara Moon Webster by Erik Lamont located in Woodstock, NY.

We would not have been able to get this CD out into the world if it were not for the amazing support we have from our family, friends and fans. Our unfaltering gratitude goes out to you for coming to our shows, buying our music, telling your friends, and supporting living artists like us.

We would like to send out a special thank you to: Ron Webster, Gary Slattery, Mark Everton Gray, Paul Antonell, Scott & Cindy Woebse, Jill & Michael Cruz, Susan and Sami, John Barry, Linda Olbrych, Alan Musico, Robert Frazza, Jodie Sleed, Atlanta Records,, Brian Hurst, Louis Marks, Justin Martinez & Kevin Smith at Upstate Moving Images, The Ciccone Family (Gerry, Dawn, Julia and Ryan), Chris Wells, Echoes Magazine, and of course to the amazing musicians who helped make this album so special.


released July 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Lindsey Webster New York, New York

In today’s world of electronic music where programmed drum loops and auto-tuned vocals reign, Lindsey Webster is a breath of fresh air. A refreshing take on R&B with a soulful presence; Lindsey’s vocals compare to the likes of R&B queens Sade, Mariah Carey and Anita Baker. Lindsey and her world-class band of musicians create create music lending it's sound to the genre of Soul R&B. ... more


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Track Name: Fool Me Once
Explain to me your position
And I’ll try to see the light
I’ve already heard it’s a lesson
For me to try to learn
But they say fool me once, fool me twice

And there won’t be a third time for you to try to break my heart
Or convince me that I don’t know better and maybe I should try to start

Explain to me, I will listen
How you think it’s fine to lie
Guess you look at it like an omission
And that may work for you
And you might fool me once, fool me twice

But there won’t be a third time for you to try to break my heart
Or convince me that I don’t know better and maybe I should try to start
So long you convinced me that we shouldn’t be apart

First time, shame on you
Two times, shame on me
Three days I waited
But you don’t seem to some around

And there won’t be a third time for you to try to break my heart
Or convince me that I don’t know better and maybe I should try to start
So long you convinced me that we shouldn’t be apart
(But you know I’m better off without you)
And there won’t be a third time for you to try to break my heart
Track Name: I Found You
From the first time you told me
Let me into your heart but don’t let it go
It was already done

You said wait now don’t fall too deep in love
‘Cause it cannot be undone
But I didn’t know

I thought that just maybe
It could be me and you
Walkin’ hand in hand
Just us two

I thought that just maybe
Your heart would be true
And I could stop spending time looking for love
Because I found you

I was open
Didn’t take too long for you to come to me
And my lonely heart

You were different from the start, too
I knew time was all we needed to make it
And now here we are, here we are


Spent all my time trying to see what love should be
Vision of love showed me what I was meant to see
Through it all I’ve come to find what I needed so
Was right here all the time

Track Name: Open Up
Taking each step so slowly with hope that one day I
Will get off this ground again
Well I know I’m going to fly

You are light, you are joy
Sharing peace all around you
With your love I will open up

Possibility is all that’s out there now
Being open to feel the love
Is just the beginning now


I took a chance to be all that I dreamed
And now I’m learning to feel the love
That comes from inside of me

Track Name: Lost One
If you could remember all the times when
We walked side by side
When you watched me grow into who I am

Then maybe it would bring you
Back to this world
Until then you’ll just be the lost one

All the memories, run through me
Then it all fades to dark
When I try to, it hurts me
To bring back that love

To give up on you, my mother,
Is the hardest part
But I can’t reach you
When you’re just a lost one

Maybe time will heal all these wounds
They say it heals everything
But where this pain cuts so deep
Will always be a scar

Tell me, just one thing
Before I can’t hear anymore
That you love me, because I love you
Though it seems so hard

To watch you fade into that dark hole
That I can’t get to, though I want to
And although you go alone
It makes me a lost one
Track Name: You Change
Fairly certain that I really know you now
See myself in your eyes; in the way that you speak
Finally comfortable now in another’s embrace
I look at you and then

You change
As I remain the same
Is this a game that I don’t know how to play?

Then the next morning arrives
And you smile in light
And everything you put through melts behind the lies
Tell me one time how you really care
As I fall back, and then

Track Name: In Love
You changed into a person that I did not know
You fooled around with my heart
And I went right along; it’s all my fault
You dedicated the time; invigorated my mind and my soul
And I fell in love with you

I can’t believe it; I’ve fallen in love
But not a love that my heart dreamed of
It’ slowly beating, but it’s out of time
With the beat and the fault’s all mine
You told me baby, I’ll see you at three
I’m all alone and it’s 3:30
I can’t believe it; I’ve fallen in love

Times change and you don’t know which way the wind will blow
Only thing that’s sure is the lesson you learn and how you grow
Maybe you need some time to relax yourself and free your mind
And maybe work on you


Sometimes love
Is not what it seems, oh no
But I knew right then
It was the third time I told you no more

Track Name: Bleed
Oh lord, I can’t believe what I’ve done to his heart
I made it bleed
I’ve been, been living a lie
And I never meant to hurt or make him cry
I have learned the hard way by what I’ve done to you

I took, took all of my chances
Now I’m only left with reverie
I’ve done, done all that I can
And I can’t give more than that
I would give my life to go back and make things right

Broken, the pieces are torn
And your heart has been left all alone
Oh lord, I can’t believe what I’ve done to his heart
I made it bleed
Track Name: I'm Strong
For three days and nights I wondered if you were coming back to me
But now I’m seeing through our time apart that it wasn’t meant to be
I held on to something so wrong for fear that I would be alone
But when you’re crying for a broken love it’s time to make it on your own

I’m strong, so strong
Never be afraid to make it alone
You lied, I cried
Never again will I compromise

You liked to feel the power whenever you made me cry
I stayed up all night by the hour just trying to figure why
You never tried to make it alright, you said you had to be alone
You showed me that side to you and I told you know more


Baby I told you no more
When you walked out the door
And you showed me that I’m strong

Track Name: Break Through
Finally I feel alive
I’ve waited all of my life
Knowing you’re here but we can’t
So patiently I hold back

Love can’t employ our intention now
We can’t break through

Feel the heat from the night
Take in all from the light
That cascades on you now
It’s showing us how

We can enjoy this moment now
Can’t we just break through?

Just take me now
You know I can’t stay
Don’t make me beg
Or just turn away

Love can’t employ our intention now
We can’t break through
Can’t we enjoy this moment now?
Can’t we just break through?
Track Name: Universe
Come over here, baby
While the moon hangs low in the sky
The stars are shining so brightly
And I can see the Universe in your eyes

I’m going to free your mind tonight
Show you how to be with the one who knows what’s right

It’s been a million years since
The star I see has died away
But that doesn’t matter
Because the fire still burns the same


Life is a short thing
That will come, but it won’t last
But just like that star, still,
Our love will always last